The University’s collections have been created for or are the result of research and teaching. The objects are important for our understanding of the history of the University of Oslo, and the history of scholarship in general. Both have played important roles in shaping society.

The various university museums at the University of Oslo have now been consolidated into the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Cultural History. The Museum of University History is officially part of the Museum of Cultural History, although it has a slightly different collection management practice. We have taken over a number of historical teaching collections and other collections. However, our primary task is to help the University’s units manage their own collections of


objects of historical interest and build up collections of objects that reflect the history of the discipline.

We collaborate closely with all the different units at the University. The academic communities possess invaluable specialist knowledge. Our goal is to facilitate that we together ensure that the various collections remain relevant and contemporary. The collections are invaluable as a source for the history of science. In the future, more collections will be documented.


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The former separate museums of Archaeology, Ethnography and Numismatics are consolidated into 

The Museum of Cultural History


The former separate museums of Zoology, Bothany, Paleontology, Geology and Mineralogy as well as the Botanical garden are consolidated into

The Natural History Museum