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The University’s academic employees 1813–1984

In the nineteenth century, each individual faculty had only a handful of professors. This is a register of all the academic employees at the University of Oslo from 1813 to 1984. The register provides great insight into the developments in the subjects over time, individual careers, and which individuals worked at the university at the same time, both across faculties and within individual academic communities.

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"Norwegian university teachers" from the late half of the 19th Century. National library of Norway.

The academic content of a professorship could change from generation to generation, and even during a single person’s career. These changes often reflected new academic priorities, changing resources or adaptations to individuals’ professional competencies. Note that the date of termination of employment and date of death are not recorded after 1984.

Open data

The overview of academic employees is available in Norwegian as open data and can be downloaded in various different formats. Note that the Excel spreadsheet and the tab-separated file do not contain all the information. The zipped JSON file contains the JSON export of the original Oracle tables, which were used during the registration process.

To be able to see all the information or sort it differently, download the data in one of the many formats available on the Norwegian resource page:

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