The Museum of University History (MUV) has been assigned the task of disseminating, documenting, preserving and researching the heritage of the University of Oslo (UiO) and the history of science in Norway. We have a special responsibility for antiquarian building heritage. MUV was established as a museum by the University Board in 2001 and is currently organised as a section of the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo.

Founded in 1811, the University of Oslo is Norway’s oldest university and has played a pivotal historical role. Through a diversity of tasks and functions, the University is an integral part of society at a local, national and international level. The University of Oslo has been pivotal in the emergence of a Norwegian research sector, the development of higher education, the shaping of professions, the socialisation of social elites, and the dissemination of knowledge. It has also been an important arena for political, cultural and social tensions.

MUV aims to shed light on this great historical diversity and make it relevant to the present and future. Universities, science and research-based knowledge, expertise and technologies have played a key role in shaping the world we live in, and are increasingly important in shaping our future. It is important to maintain an informed scholarly and public discussion about science and its societal role. We believe that historical insight into our academic heritage helps uphold the quality of this discourse.


MUV collaborates across the University’s organisation and disciplines. The Museum also collaborates with external institutions and participates in national and international networks for research, university heritage and history of science.


MUV uses the University’s buildings for exhibitions and events and provides extensive online resources. We give guided tours and talks, collaborate with other UiO units on teaching programmes, and act as an adviser on various outreach activities at the university.


MUV conducts research on a range of aspects of the history of science and university history. This research is related to, but not restricted by, MUV’s tasks of managing and communicating the historical heritage of the University of Oslo.

Management and documentation

MUV creates, documents and manages a number of valuable university collections. We collaborate with various institutions at the University to maintain knowledge of photographs, objects and their history. MUV participates in the University’s antiquarian building administration, and has a special responsibility for the Oslo Observatory, Norway’s oldest scientific building.

Contact information

Visiting address

Kristian Ottosens hus (map)
Problemveien 9

Mail address

P.O. Box 1077
0316 OSLO



Bjørn Vidar Johansen. Admistrative Manager/Art historian

Phone: +47 22 85 79 45 / +47 934 95 303

Email: b.v.johansen@khm.uio.no



Jon Røyne Kyllingstad. Associate professor /historian

Phone: +47 22 85 06 29 / +47 482 28 253

Email: j.r.kyllingstad@khm.uio.no



Anne Vaalund. Curator/historian

Phone: +47 22 84 42 47 / +47 936 16 405

Email: anne.vaalund@khm.uio.no