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Register of students

The register of students is an interesting historical source. It contains the names of all the students that enrolled at the University and their parents. It also records the students’ year of birth, place of birth, university subjects and grades. Want to find out whether your great-grandfather was a drop-out or top of the class? You might just find the answer here...

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The database contains the student registers from the first 100 years of the Royal Frederick University, i.e. from 1813 to 1912. In addition to information about the student’s name, year and place of birth, and their parents’ names, the register contains information about the students’ parents’ occupation, where and when the student took Examen Artium, and what grade they achieved. Their Examen Philosophicum grades are also recorded. From the rest of the students’ time at the University, it is recorded which subject the student’s degree was in, the examination date and their examination grades. If the student’s course included practical training, their practical grade is recorded. In some cases, it has also been recorded what the individual student did after graduation.

What can we learn from the register of students?

Most people will probably be interested in finding information about specific individuals, but in a searchable database, it will be possible to cross-link information from the different tables and perform exciting analyses. What was the social background of the students on different courses at different times? Were there any differences in grades and progress between the various profession-oriented programmes of study? Where in Norway did the students come from? Are there correlations between where the students came from and what they chose to study?

Open data

All the data are available as open data on the Norwegian web page. To do a quick search for a specific student, access via the time blocks in the left-hand menu. Here you will see that there is far less information than we have described above. In most cases, the registered data are linked to the facsimile of the relevant page of the register.

To see all the information and to be able to sort it in other ways, the data can be downloaded in one of the many formats offered:

Go to the Norwegian web page for the register of students

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The register of students is in Norwegian. Please contact us by e-mail if you need help searching.

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