The Museum of University History offers guided tours and hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions at the university campuses.

University campus of Blindern

Permanent exhibitions

The Physics Cabinet”. Exhibition about teaching and research in physics at the University of Oslo based on the collection of the Department of Physics. Read more

Where: The Physics Building, ground floor, in the study center “Entropia”

Opening hours: General office hours. Free.

In Norwegian and English.

The Observatory, Oslo city center

Permanent exhibitions

Image may contain: .“Building a nation through astronomy”. Exhibition about the science history of the Observatory and the life of its first professor, Christopher Hansteen.

Opening hours: Open to the public on special occasions only. To be announced.

Read more about the Observatory

Temporary exhibitions

Image may contain: material property, perfume.September 1-Desember 31, 2019: “Pharmasy”. Exhibition about medicine plants of the collections. Visitors will also get glimpses from the Museum’s documentation project in the Pharmacy building.

Where: Kristian Ottosens hus, vestibule and windows.

Opening hours: General office hours/all day. Free.

In Norwegian only.

Guided tours

We offer tours of the campus of Blindern, the old university buildings in Oslo city center as well as other university properties due to capacity and accessibility. The tours are free of charge.

Please note that the Observatory is not available for general guided tours.

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