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University History Collections

The database of University History Collections comprises collections from several academic communities at the University of Oslo.

Photo: Helge Brekke/MUV.


The database of University History Collections contains a selection of research instruments, teaching equipment and objects related to administration. The collection is a work in progress. More objects will be added to the database in the coming years. In time, collections representing a variety of university departments will be digitally available.

The database includes both collections that the Museum of University History manages and collections that the departments manage themselves or in collaboration with us. The Museum of University History has been in charge of the registration work

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Online collections

  • Department of Biosciences
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Preclinical Medicine (first phase of documentation)
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Dentistry

A short presentation of the online collections


Flute from the Physics Collection. Ca. 1843. Photo: Helge Brekke/MUV.

Collections not presently available online

  • Astronomy
  • Geosciences
  • Collections of Furniture, Architectural fragments
  • Architectural Archives
  • Institution and Student Life
  • Addresses of 1911
  • Library and Press cuttings

An interdisciplinary perspective

By combining instruments and equipment from all the various disciplines in a single database, the history of the University of Oslo in particular and the history of science in general are presented in an interdisciplinary light. The University History Collections provides unprecedented opportunities to use our historical material as a source for research.

Contact us

The database is in Norwegian. Please contact us by e-mail if assistance is needed.

Coordinator: Anne Vaalund (

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