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The University History Photobase

The University History Photobase (UFO) collects, classifies and makes available photographs related to the University of Oslo. The purpose of the Photobase is to ensure the University’s visual history.

Image may contain: Furniture, Table, White, Chair, Black.
Student exam in the late 1960s. Photographer unknown/MUV.

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The University History Photobase has been built up and is managed by the Museum of University History. Photographs are not only documentation of the past; they are also invaluable sources of knowledge about activities at a university. A photograph can be a source for many different disciplines. What is regarded as interesting information will change over time. It is therefore important to ensure that the information about the image can be used by as many people as possible in the future

One motif, many fields of knowledge

Classifying the photographs means obtaining information linked to each image and documenting it in a knowledge bank. What information is central and relevant can vary widely. For example, the motif of a photograph may be a lecture for students, but the picture may also be a useful source for building history, employee history, research history, knowledge about collections and knowledge about technological Developments.

A digital collection

The collection has photographs from around 1860 until the present day. The motifs are very diverse, so the collection is a resource for many different users. Printed photographs, slides and negatives have been borrowed from the departments, the University of Oslo’s archives and photographers, student associations, employees, individual students and families of people who were associated with the University. In most cases, the originals have been returned to the owner. This means that the collection is primarily digital.


We strive to comply with applicable intellectual property rights and privacy legislation when we post photographs online. Do not hesitate to contact us if we have posted photographs that you would like removed pursuant to these rules.

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The Photobase is in Norwegian. Please contact us by e-mail if you need help searching.

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