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Measure the past!

In the 1960s, the University’s Department of Ethnology initiated an ambitious project: a new national register containing information about objects that had been typical in Norwegian society through the ages.

The project was initiated by the professors Knut Kolsrud and Hilmar Stigum. The items were to be registered with their dimensions and areas of use. They were photographed and sketched for documentation purposes.

Raumnes Historical Society, an association for amateur local historians, contacted the department in 1963, marking the start of a seven-year registration project in Romerike. Romerike, an inland district in south-eastern Norway, was one of several areas where the department had projects registrating cultural historical objects. 

A handful of ethnologists, drawers and photographers did an enormous amount of work registering objects on farms in various parts of Romerike. This series of photographs provides insight into the fieldwork done during these summers in the 1960s.


Ta mål av fortida!
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