Aims and principles

Our research goes hand in hand with communication online, exhibitions and our curatorial management of artefacts, done in collaboration with departments and faculties. Our research is strongly related to, but not restricted to, the history of the University of Oslo.

University History and the History of Science

University history and the history of science are closely related, but not identical, fields of study. Universities are not the only place where academic research takes place, and universities are much more than research: they are places for education, shaping of professions, socialisation of elites, cultural and social tensions, and much more. To enhance our understanding of the University, its internal life, and its role in society, we need to study not only the history of science, in its narrowest definition, but also the wide array of other societal tasks and functions incorporated in a university. We also need to see the University as a meeting point between our local, national society and the international academic world.

Part of a research community

MUV’s research is part of the activities of the Department of Ethnography, Numismatics, Classical Archaeology and University History (SENKU) at the Museum of Cultural History (KHM). MUV also participates in research collaboration with other UiO units and external institutions.


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