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The Museum of University History offers guided tours and hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions at the university campuses.

Due to Covid-19, all guided tours are cancelled until further notice. 

Exhibitions, Blindern campus

"The Physics Cabinet"

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Exhibition based on the collection of the Department of Physics. Instruments originally used in teaching activities are key elements. They represent fields like electricity, heat, sound and gravity. The displays are placed on the galleries of the rooms "Roterommet" and "Tidsrommet" in the study center "Entropia".

Where: The Physics Building, ground floor, west wing, study center “Entropia”

Opening Hours: General office hours. Please note that exhibition rooms may be in use for teaching and study.  

Entrance: Free

Language: Norwegian and English.

"Dry, but potent"

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Drogues are parts of dried plants or other natural resources intended for medical use. The exhibition explores two recently discovered 19th century drogue collections. In a nearby window display the visitors are presented for photos and objects from the Department of Pharmacy.

Where: Kristian Ottosens hus, vestibule.  South-facing windows.

Opening Hours: General office hours.

Entrance: Free.

Language: Norwegian.

Exhibitions, Oslo city center

“Building a nation through astronomy”

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Exhibition about the history of the Observatory and its first professor, Christopher Hansteen.

Where: The Observatory, Solli plass.

Opening Hours: Open to the public on special occasions only. Guided tours are offered monthly. To be announced at

Entrance: Free

Language: Norwegian

"Domus Academica: State of taste and Manners"

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Poster exhibition about the architecture of the building, as seen through an extensive restoration process 2001-2004. 

Where: Domus Academica, University Square. Vestibule, ground floor.

Opening Hours: General office hours.

Entrance: Free

Language: Norwegian

Guided Tours

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Staircase, East wing of the Physics Building at Blindern campus. Photo: Bjørn V. Johansen/MUV.

We offer guided tours of the campus of Blindern, the university complex in Oslo city center as well as other university properties. Frequency is due to capacity and accessibility. 

Please note that the Observatory is not available for general guided tours outside of the announced program.