Previous conferences

The first Norwegian Conference on the History of Science was organized in Oslo in 2007 with the aim of establishing a national network for historians of science.

The inaugural meeting proved a success and set the basis for stimulating discussions among the wider academic community, which includes scholars working on the history of technology and medicine. The following conferences in Tromsø, Trondheim, Oslo, and Bergen have further expanded its scope to forge a forum for both national and international exchange of ideas and collaboration. 

15-16 November 2018, University of Oslo/Norsk teknisk museum

11-13 February 2015, Norsk teknisk museum
24-25 January 2013, University of Bergen
20-22 November 2011, University of Oslo
14-17 October 2010, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim
10-12 November 2009, Tromsø/Lofoten
20-22 May 2008, University of Oslo

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