Historicising Intelligence - Activities

Upcoming activities

January 23.  2023: Criminal law, intelligence and IQ. Public lecture by Svein Atle Skålevåg and Linda Gröning. 

January 23.- 25. 2023: Project workshop 



9 – 11. Nov. 2021:  Workshop. Historicizing intelligence - Theory, methodology and historiography (University of Oslo)

1 – 3. Dec. 2021: The 8th Norwegian Conference on the History of Science. (University of Oslo).

  • Jon R. Kyllingstad (Key note): Historicizing intelligence - Tests, metrics and the shaping of contemporary society. 
  • Solveig Marie Siem and Gard Paulsen (Dialogue): The Strange Classification Systems of Dr. Choynowski or How I Learned to File Psychometric Tests and Love the Chaotic Collections in a University Basement.